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What if the world were simply an insignificant speck of dust?
Fluttering away and twisted into the stem
of a blossoming flower on another
We would all be smaller than the cells
that are our building blocks.
What if catastrophes, like earthquakes
and hurricanes
were just the imprinted footstep of some higher creature
stepping down on us?
We would drift and spin in the wind
and sparkle in the sun
swirling with millions of other
dust mote planets.
What if thunder and lightining
we just us falling off the edge of the flower- tipping,
and tumbling through the sky,
striking the ground with a boom.
Or maybe our little speck, is drifting in the ocean
and maybe that's why the sky is blue.
If the world were just a speck of dust
maybe it would make sense.
ummm lol idk. My creative writing teahcer gave me a 10/10.
but umm.. idk.
im not even sure if it qualifies a a poem.
nothingexpected15 Featured By Owner May 3, 2012   Writer
I don't know if it's a poem either xD But the point is good. I like the imagery in it and the way it grabs me.. It makes me wonder, but I try not to think about that stuff. That's the type of thoughts that make my head spin.
MistyDawnAmara Featured By Owner May 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it would make sense i think^^
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